Weekly Run News for May 2, 2024

Photos from the Penn Relays

The Penn Relays are the oldest track and field meet in the United States, dating back to 1895. Held at the University of Pennsylvania’s historic Franklin Field, thousands of fans attend the three-day event. Thomas Hengge took photos of last weekend’s event .

4 reasons to walk after a meal

Walking is beneficial at all times of day, but even more beneficial after a meal. Here are 4 reasons to walk after after eating:

1. Balance Blood Sugar: If we get back to business immediately after eating and stay fairly sedentary, the glucose consumed is stored in the liver. But when we move our body by walking, we activate our muscles which use that glucose for energy and reduces the post-meal blood sugar spike.

2. Smoother Digestion Taking a walk after eating has been shown to stimulate digestion. Walking 10–15 minutes after eating has been shown to help adults who frequently experience bloating feel less bloated after eating.

3. Increases Circulation: In addition to kickstarting the digestive process and getting food and drink moving through our system, walking after eating helps improve blood circulation.

4. Boosts Mood: Being active post-meal can be a mood booster by increasing levels of ‘feel good’ hormones that include endorphins and dopamine.

Gen Z supports gender-segregated gyms

More than half of Gen Z supports gender segregation in the gym. A recent poll revealed that 57% of those aged 18 to 26 support the idea of male or female-only hours or sections in fitness facilities. This compares to only 15% support from Gen X. Trying to find a male-only gym in the U.S. is next to impossible, despite the existence of female-focused fitness centers and some fitness chains offering female-friendly zones, such as Amped Fitness that has Babe Caves, a women-only workout area.

The new quarter-life crisis

Running a marathon has become a milestone for a growing number of young adults with TikTok and Instagram filled with videos of 20-somethings training for their “quarter-life-crisis marathon.” More young people have been running marathons in recent years with 19% of 2023 New York Marathon finishers in their 20s (up from 15% in 2019) and 28% of 2023 LA Marathon finishers in their 20s (up from 21% in 2019).

Setting out to run 26.2 miles is intense, but also promises a profound sense of control. This can be especially appealing when other big life milestones are elusive. Finishing a marathon can provide a new sense of purpose or identity, which may be a major factor motivating Gen Z runners.

London Marathon guy samples 25 wines during race

Tom Gilbey guessed the wine’s grape variety, country of origin and vintage at each mile during the London Marathon and posted a viral TikTok that amassed more than 3.2 million views. Of the 25 glasses that Gilbey sampled, he guessed 4 completely wrong, 7 spot on and the other 14 mostly right. He completed the race in 4 hours, 41 minutes, including the time he was drinking. Gilbey avoided feeling tipsy by only drinking small sips of wine, or by spitting it out after tasting.

Your Daily Dose Of Usain⚡️

Usain crouching

Muhammad Ali’s Running Advice



Words To Run By 🏃‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️

The time to worry is three months before a flight. Decide then whether or not the goal is worth the risks involved. If it is, stop worrying.

Amelia Earhart
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