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Running on vacation

Running is all about routine. Run at a specific time, recover at another and eat certain foods before and after your run. Traveling interrupts our daily patterns, but vacations don’t have to throw a wrench in our runs. With the right planning, we can run on vacation while still having fun. In this week’s Run Tips Tuesday newsletter we share simple advice to keep running on vacation.

Why run on vacation

On a holiday you may want to take a break from daily life — including exercise, but there are benefits to continuing to run on vacation. The runs don’t have to detract from your fun and can even elevate your trip experience. Here are a few reasons to run on vacation:

  • Running will help you stay healthy while traveling

  • Running will elevate your mood and decrease stress

  • Running is a great way to see the area like a local

While it may seem difficult to find the time to run, you just have to make it a priority. Go out first thing in the morning or build it into your evening routine. Consistency is a key component of running success so maintaining the run habit on vacation will help you hit the ground running when you get back from your trip.

5 hurdles to vacation running and tips to overcome

Vacations are an exciting time to explore a new place and relax, but provide hurdles to get out running while on vacation. Here are 5 hurdles to running on vacation and tips for how to overcome them.

Hurdle #1: Your vacation schedule is jam-packed.

How to overcome: There are ways to fit in running even if your travel schedule is busy. First, consider scheduling fewer runs so the body has extra time to adapt to travel and recover. Maybe you align your vacation week to be the easy recovery week in your training plan. To fit in your runs, consider incorporating them into your trip to get to know the area better. For example, go for a beach run, explore a nearby trail, or run a loop of the town. Make sure to block your running time in advance to keep it a priority. For many people, that means scheduling runs for first thing in the morning so you can be sure to have the time and not interfere with the schedule of your travel companions.

Hurdle #2: You don’t know the local running routes.

How to overcome: Strava can help. Check out the Heat Map and Strava Routes to plan your runs in advance. With Heat Maps, you can see the most heavily traveled areas to feel confident that the route is runner-friendly. Consider supplementing your running with strength training, even if you don’t have access to a gym. Body-weight exercises and stretching workouts can be done in your room or on the beach.

Hurdle #3: You feel sluggish when traveling.

How to overcome: When we travel, we often stray from our usual diet. This is normal and usually a sign we’re enjoying ourselves and experiencing the local food scene. Eating different foods and drinking high-calorie and/or high-sodium beverages can cause energy levels to fluctuate, which makes it difficult to get in a good workout. Enjoy your meals and counterbalance any increase in salt consumption by staying diligent about your hydration. If you are flying, your body can become dehydrated by the dry air of the plane, so make sure to hydrate during and after the flight.

Hurdle #4: You don’t want to pack your running shoes and workout clothes.

How to overcome: Choose running shoes and exercise clothes that do double duty while on vacation, so you have no excuse to leave them behind. Make your running shoes your sightseeing footwear too. Match your favorite running tank top with a jacket and skirt. You can also pack small packets of detergent, so you don't need to bring a ton of running clothes. As most exercise clothing dries quickly, a quick handwash in the sink is a space-saving solution.

Hurdle #5: You feel like you deserve a break.

How to overcome: Focus on the scenery and allow yourself to run without going 100%. Balance giving yourself the break that you deserve without losing the hard-earned gains from your work prior to vacation. Something is better than nothing when it comes to running, so be ok with giving yourself a “break”, while staying active.

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