Taking The Exquisite Risk

Taking the exquisite risk allows us to experience life more fully as it is

Experience Life More Fully

Taking the exquisite risk accounts for the cocoon that we live in, the cocoon that life helped us built. This cocoon is made up of lessons that we learned when we experienced pain or disappointment in our lives, it became our protection, it became our ego.

Taking the exquisite risk allows us to shed layers of this cocoon to experience life more fully, to experience life as it is.

The word exquisite refers to beauty and grace. The word risk refers to doing something that exposes us to danger and/or loss.

By taking the exquisite risk, we are fully accepting the beauty in the mystery of the world we live in. We are accepting it wholeheartedly and allowing ourselves to live with a more awakened presence.

By taking the exquisite risk to try new things with new people, we are broadening our perspective, enriching our human experience, and becoming better people together and as individuals.

See you out there.

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