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Running News Updates for November 16th 2023

Eating when you're not hungry, trusting yourself and reducing inflammation with exercise

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We Messed Up

A couple of corrections from yesterday’s newsletter about this weekend’s Philadelphia Marathon. A big thank you to Rundown community members Ken and Steven for bringing these to our attention. Take inspiration from Ken and Steven and please let us know when we mess up. We do our best, but as humans we make mistakes. So don’t be shy! We read every response.

  1. The Philly Half does NOT go on MLK this year. See a map of Saturday’s race below.

  2. Registration to the Rothman 8k closed earlier this week. If you’re bummed about this, stay tuned for tomorrow’s newsletter that will include races you can register for in early 2024.

It’s Totally Fine to Eat When You Are Not Hungry

If you’ve dieted in the past or you have a history of an eating disorder, you may have a complicated relationship with hunger such as feeling like it’s unhealthy to eat when you’re not hungry. Physical signs of hunger may be welcome testimonies to the fact that you’re “doing the diet right” or they may be unwelcome feelings that you try to suppress. Ultimately, diets weren’t made to work long-term. They’re mentally and physically taxing and set you up to have a poor relationship with food.

When you reach for something to eat, there are a few different types of hunger that could be driving that, and that’s totally normal. Rather than restricting yourself to only eating when you’re biologically hungry, consider how you can honor the other forms of hunger—practical, taste, and emotional—too.

Research Shows Working Out Gets Inflammation-Fighting T Cells Moving

The connection between exercise and inflammation has captivated the imagination of researchers ever since an early 20th-century study showed a spike of white cells in the blood of Boston marathon runners following the race.

Now, a new Harvard Medical School study published November 3rd in Science Immunology may offer a molecular explanation behind this century-old observation.

That research suggests that with exercise, we have a natural way to boost the body’s immune responses to reduce inflammation.

Don’t Sit Down After a Race👩‍⚕️

Read The Information first…or them later

The Information’s journalists get the news that other newsrooms envy. That’s why their reporting on tech, media and finance has been followed by the New York Times, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and dozens of other outlets more than 400 times in the last year.

Super Shoes Have ‘Blown Distance Running into a New Stratosphere.’

When Ethiopian Tigst Assefa crossed the finish line of the Berlin Marathon six weeks ago in an astonishing two hours, 11 minutes, and 53 seconds – eviscerating the previous best time by more than two minutes – the bounds of possibility in women’s running over 26.2 miles were suddenly being adjusted.

It was a ground-breaking victory not only for the Assefa, but also for Adidas – the company responsible for the sleek, platformed shoes on her feet. Fast-forward two weeks, however, and a rival brand was also toasting a world record. Enter Kelvin Kiptum, a 23-year-old Kenyan sporting orange and red-tinted Nikes laced over bright pink socks at the Chicago Marathon.

Kiptum, in just his third ever marathon, finished in a time of two hours and 35 seconds – 34 seconds faster than the old world record held by compatriot Eliud Kipchoge, who is widely considered to be the greatest distance runner of all time.

The two records in quick succession heightened the debate about how carbon-plated shoes – commonly referred to as “super shoes” – are rapidly changing the distance-running landscape. Today, they are worn by virtually all elite marathon runners, both for racing and for training, and by many casual runners, too.

Some are happy about the new technology, arguing that an influx of world records and fast times only serves to advance the sport; others, like long-time coach Peter Thompson, believe that they are an obfuscation, skewing performance and removing a sense of “natural progression” in distance running.

At the moment, it’s become shoe wars.

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Words To Run By 🏃‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️

Do what you were born to do. You have to trust yourself.


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