Running News for February 8, 2024

Learn why the brain is wired to avoid exercise, get an update on the first Enhanced Games and check out the first male Lululemon shoe.

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Why Your Brain Wants You to Avoid Exercise

Moving improves every aspect of our health. Exercise boosts sleep, strength, and mental well-being while slashing the risk of chronic conditions and premature death. What’s more, exercise has a positive impact even when done in short chunks and without equipment or a gym membership. Despite its benefits, most people still don’t exercise enough. Less than one in every three U.S. adults do the recommended amount of physical activity - a daily 20+ minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic movement (like brisk walking) and several muscle-strengthening sessions (like resistance training) each week.

Why don’t people exercise more?

Our brains don’t want us to exercise. For most of humanity, people had to be physically active to carry out basic life functions, such as finding or growing food. Humans evolved to tolerate a high level of activity—but also to gravitate toward rest to conserve energy for when movement was necessary or pleasurable. In other words, hunter gatherers weren't jogging to burn extra calories. From an evolutionary perspective that would be stupid.

How can we trick our brain so we exercise more?

Feeling good about exercising will help you find more motivation to move. Start small—perhaps walking just a few minutes per day —and build on that progress over time. A counterintuitive way to build confidence is to simply recognize the ways that your brain sets you up to fail. If you struggle to exercise, instead of thinking that there’s something wrong with you, understand that it’s the people who exercise purely for fitness (not you!) who are working against natural instincts. Replacing guilt and shame with self compassion and an understanding of how the human brain works can go a long way.

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Doping-Approved “Enhanced Games” Receives Millions in Financial Backing

Branded the ‘Olympics of the future’, The Enhanced Games will be the world’s first pro-performance enhancement drug sporting event. Scheduled for the summer of 2025, the aim is to create a modern version of the Olympics built to celebrate science, pay athletes fairly and restore honesty to sports. The Games are being built for social media, which means eliminating events that people aren’t interested in watching (like badminton and distance running) and constructed to appeal to short attention spans on platforms like TikTok and Instagram (vs. legacy broadcast television).

The man behind the Games, Aron D’Souza, has received millions in financial backing from founder Peter Thiel and other billionaires. They aim to break world records in a narrow set of single-person events by compensating the athletes well and allowing performance enhancing drugs. The events Aron and team are focused on include track and field, swimming, gymnastics, boxing and weightlifting. In an interview with Sifted, Aron shared that the games core focus is on breaking world records in sports that ‘actually matter’.

What do you think of the Enhanced Games?

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The First Lululemon Male Sneaker

Unveiled at a press event in New York last week, Lululemon’s first footwear series for men will consist of three different styles. A casual sneaker called the Cityverse will be the Company’s first style released. It will be available starting on Feb. 13. Two additional running models, the Beyondfeel and Beyondfeel Trail, will launch on March 19 and May 7, respectively.

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