Becoming a Morning Runner

Tips to become a morning runner

Starting the day with a run has many advantages. Nike co-founder Phil Knight was known to rise at 4:30 AM and tackle the day with energy and focus. He believes this played a key role in Nike’s success. In today’s newsletter we share several tips to inspire you to become a morning runner.

Becoming a morning runner

Many people enjoy the peace and quiet of a morning run. It provides a sense of accomplishment and offers these benefits:

Improves Race Preparation Set yourself up for race day success by mimicking race day conditions during training. It is common for races to take place in the morning so adapting your body to early morning runs is helpful preparation.

Promotes Consistency As the day moves along, it becomes easier to procrastinate or avoid working out altogether. While distractions can interfere with your commitment at any time of the day, you’ll have more work or family commitments as the day progresses. Research supports this idea. A 2020 study found that a consistent morning exercise routine boosts both exercise adherence and weight loss for those with excess weight.

Increases Mental Focus and Productivity: If you go for a run before your workday, it increases the chances that you bring your A game to work. Morning exercise helps you function better mentally. Researchers have found that:

  • In the two hours following exercise, you are likely to experience improved memory, problem-solving, cognitive flexibility, verbal fluency, decision making, and inhibitory control.

  • Exercise helps you to sustain attention levels when you’re tired.

  • Combining morning exercise with breakfast helps teens perform better on academic tests.

Helps to Improve Sleep Quality: A morning workout may promote better quality of sleep as compared to afternoon or evening workouts. In fact, studies have found that early morning is the most beneficial time to engage in aerobic exercise. Morning workouts may be particularly helpful for older adults who have difficulty falling asleep.

5 tips to become a morning runner

  1. Develop a morning routine: Knowing exactly what you need to do when you wake up is key. Maybe when your alarm goes off you turn on the coffee, get dressed, eat something small and drink coffee, warm up, and head out the door by a certain time

  2. Hold yourself accountable: Have a plan. Maybe mark down the days you want to run in the morning and mark as “complete” after finishing the run. That way you will track your progress and receive the satisfaction of crossing something off your ‘to-do’ list.

  3. Start in the summer: Summer is the easiest time to start running in the morning. The sun is out early so you have more time for a morning routine than in the winter months.

  4. Shift your sleep schedule: As you transition to morning running, transition your sleep schedule. If you are waking up an hour earlier then be sure to go to sleep an hour earlier.

  5. Make it a habit and stay consistent: The key to being a morning runner is consistency. By making it a habit, it will be easier to stick with it. That’s not to say that being a morning runner is easy, but if you get into a good routine, hopefully the positive feeling after the run will make it easier for you to keep up with it.

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