Run News for June 27, 2024

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Go beyond a marathon

If you’re intrigued by the idea of running longer than a marathon, David Roche put together a beginner training plan for your first 50K. Starting with 20 miles per week, the plan focuses on easy runs while peppering in long runs, strides, hill runs and intervals.

New Apple Watch features for runners

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled exciting enhancements that directly benefit runners including a new training load feature, vitals and the ability to pause activity rings.

Training Load: shares personalized information that lets you ramp up or scale back your training plan based on how your body is adapting to the workout. The feature takes advantage of the wealth of information that the watch collects while you’re working out.

Vitals: shows runners key health metrics like heart rate, respiratory rate, wrist temperature, sleep duration and blood oxygen. This allows runners to spot abnormalities and receive notifications. The feature also shares information about what factors could be causing the abnormalities (travel/jet lag, illness, alcohol consumption, etc.)

Pause activity rings: offers customizability for activity rings, like pausing rings for as long as needed without compromising award streaks. Activity goals by the day of the week can also be customized.

Paris’s polluted river

Paris has spent $1.5 billion to clean up the city’s old sewer system so that it does not discharge into the Seine River during heavy rainfall. A river that was once filled with Parisians sunbathing and modeling bikinis has been banned for more than a century due to pollution.

Just over a month before the Olympic marathon swimming and triathlon events are set to take place in the river, Bacterial tests suggest that levels of contamination remain unsafe for Olympians to compete in the water. Organizers remain hopeful the Olympics will debut a new era for the historic river while Parisians are threatening to poop in the river as protest.

Actress supports migraine-friendly food

Jennifer Morrison, the actress who starred in This is Us, Once Upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother and House, is now the co-founder and chief brand officer of Amia. Amia launched in Austin, Texas last year to create snacks free from migraine-triggering ingredients.

According to the National Institute of Health, 10% of the global population suffers from migraines, more than diabetes and celiac disease. Morrison has personally suffered from ocular migraines for almost 15 years, which inspired her decision to join Amia. Morrison has been put off by the ingredients in many packaged foods and couldn’t believe how delicious the Amia bars were.

The Amia brand is on a mission to make it easy and convenient for the 40 million Americans living with migraines to find clean, nutritious, and trigger-free food they can trust. Amia currently sells oat and seed bars in flavors like Cinnamon, Coconut and Original. The bars include gluten-free oats, pepita seeds, ground flax, hemp hearts, and chia seeds. A small amount of sweetener is added, like brown rice syrup and agave. Artificial sweeteners, chocolate, oats and dairy are also known to trigger migraines.

Men’s 100m final receives 5.2 million viewers

Sunday’s US Olympic Trial 100m Men’s final attracted a TV audience of 5.2 million. The viewers watched Noah Lyles win with a time of 9.83 seconds, a personal best for him.

For comparison, nearly 35 million people watched coverage of the Men’s 100m final at the 2016 Rio Olympics when Usain Bolt ran 9.81 seconds to earn his historic third consecutive Olympic gold medal in the event.

Usain Bolt continues to hold the world record in the 100m with his 9.58 second time in 2009. The 2024 Men's 100m Olympic races are scheduled to begin on Saturday, Aug 3rd.

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Jared's Story: "I looked into Umbo's Myco Rise, it mentioned about getting a higher VO2 score. I thought there's no way that's true. I typically avg 10 hours of exercise a week, mostly running."

Had the Apple watch for 2 years, I couldn't get into the high cardio fitness category. When I started Rise, I had a 43.5 VO2 score. In 2 months, I got into the highest cardio fitness level possible with a score of 47.6 & in 3 months it's at 48.9. I highly recommend Rise, it's been excellent for me!