Run News for July 4, 2024

The fastest woman in the world likes eggs

Sha’Carri Richardson, the reigning world 100m champion describes herself as a foodie who is eager to explore diverse culinary options. When it comes to breakfast, her choice varies depending on her schedule, but she consistently loves starting her day with eggs.

Price is leading cause of gym membership cancellations

In a poll conducted by YouGov, cost was the most common reason that people gave for canceling their gym memberships. The findings help to explain the surging popularity of low-price operators. Consumers may have grown more health-conscious and eager to hit the gym post-pandemic, but securing a budget-friendly spot remains a top priority.

Why US athletes discontinue gym membership

7 strength training mistakes runners make

  1. You’re treating lifting like cardio.

  2. You’re doing random gym classes with a high metabolic demand.

  3. You’re not lifting heavy enough.

  4. You’re not respecting the rest breaks.

  5. You’re wearing running shoes in the gym.

  6. You’re not changing things up.

  7. You’re lifting on your rest days.

Melbourne airport adds full-service gym

The Melbourne Airport launched its first-ever health club and wellness center, called Higher State, a gym concept that welcomes travelers, hotel guests, airport staff and local community residents.

Higher State includes a full gym setup for functional training, personal training, group exercise classes, reformer Pilates and yoga. It also includes a 25-meter indoor pool, infrared sauna, a meditation pod, compression recovery, virtual sessions and signature wellness treatments administered by a trained therapist.

Chicago marathon qualifying times

Announcing new qualification standards for 2025, The Chicago Marathon just surpassed the Boston Marathon in level of difficulty. The Chicago Marathon’s new standards are 5 to 10 minutes quicker than Boston’s.

Chicago split the seven former age groups to create 11 new groups spanning over five years, aside from the youngest 18-34 group. As the age increases, so does the time jump. You could be facing a 10-minute jump, 30-minute jump, or no jump at all in your required times since last year, depending on where you land in your category range. Curiously, the women’s standards have been altered much more dramatically than the men’s, and increasingly so in the older age groups.

qualifying times for the 2024 Chicago Marathon

qualifying times for the 2025 Chicago Marathon

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Why your knees hurt when running


i am 99% of the problem🤪 just a little reminder to myself and everyone watching this video to stretch before your runs 😭 . inspo: @Tost R... See more

Words To Run By 🏃‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️

Running is great for your body. It will increase your energy levels and helps you to clear your mind.

Heidi Klum