Remembering Why You Started

A reminder about leadership and more to kick off your Thanksgiving week

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A Leadership Reminder from Ryan

My dad is easily the reason why I am the way I am: relentlessly hardworking, always pursuing opportunities that will challenge me at that moment, make me uncomfortable, might knock me down, but ultimately make me better in the long run.

I recently asked him if he ever imagined the life he has now—that he worked so hard for—when he started his professional career. He said he did not, but that his north star was always the people he served. When he referred to the people he served he was talking about his employees. Other leaders might look at their employees as people who serve their leaders, but not my dad, which is why he shared with me his greatest fear… that there might be a day when he would not be able to pay his employees.

I had tears in my eyes, mainly because my dad can come across as stern and steadfast in his ways, but the man has heart, and a very empathetic one. He wanted to make sure his people were able to live a life that felt just as fruitful and fulfilling as his to the best of his abilities.

At that moment I asked myself what my greatest fear in my professional career. The answer came to me very quickly… my greatest fear is that I would no longer look at this career as the dream that they turned into a reality. My greatest fear is that I would no longer feel connected to their purpose.

My daily exercise to combat this possibility is to simply remember why I started. I will often revisit the morning I woke up on the day I auditioned to become a fitness instructor. How nothing felt more right, and because of that, nothing felt more intense or high-stakes.

We move our bodies to feel alive, to remind ourselves why we are alive. On the days where you feel not as connected, lack the motivation, whatever it is… remember why you started, and maybe consider how good it feels when you are finished.

Have a great Thanksgiving Week.

Philly Marathon 2023 Weekend Recap

Congrats to all the runners who participated in the Philly marathon this weekend. Our favorite sign was one that read - the race will be 29.4 miles due to inflation.

Are you curious about how much ice cream gets consumed during marathon training? Here are the official results from last week’s Rundown community poll:

How much ice cream do you eat when training for a marathon?

Here are the winning times to inspire you to get moving. Do you have what it takes to win the 2024 Philly Marathon? Try getting on a treadmill and running at a 12 mph speed for 2 hours 🥵. Major congrats to Bernard, Mercy and all the winners from this weekend!


Male winner: Benard Kiptoo Koech (2 hours and 14 minutes - 5:08/mile pace)

Female winner: Mercy Jerop Kwamabai (2 hours and 30 minutes - 5:45/mile pace)

Half Marathon

Male winner: Peter Mwaniki Njeru (1 hour and 2 minutes - 4:45/mile pace)

Female winner: Everlyn Kemboi (1 hour and 11 minutes - 5:25/mile pace)

Rothman 8K

Male winner: Cameron Miller (23 minutes and 28 seconds - 4:43/mile pace)

Female winner: Mahlet Mulugeta (25 minutes and 44 seconds - 5:11/mile pace)


Congrats to 2023 philly marathon male winner Bernard Kiptoo Koech (2:14 time - 5:08/mile pace), womens champion Mercy Jerop Kwambai (2:30 ... See more

Remembering Why You Started 💪

If you’re struggling through the Monday, take 4 minutes to watch this and let its energy carry you through the back half of your Monday!

Your Daily Dose Of Usain⚡️

Usain supporting Manchester United

Words To Run By 🏃‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️

The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.

John Bingham

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