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Motivation from Rolls Royce new 'doomsday' plane

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Motivation from Rolls Royce new 'doomsday' plane

Last week Rolls Royce announced that it is working with the Sierra Nevada Corporation to build the next-generation of the US Air Force’s nuclear-blast resistant aircraft. In April, the Pentagon awarded a $13 billion contract for developing the planes to defense giant Sierra Nevada Corporation, who has brought in Rolls Royce to support their work on the propulsion systems.

With the ability to survive a nuclear blast, be refueled mid-air and seat 111 people, the planes would fly key members of the government such as the US President and function like a mobile command center in the event of a national emergency.

The project is expected to be completed by July 2036.

Whether or not you are preparing for a doomsday scenario, here are 3 ways to use the news as motivation:

Complimentary partners can be found in unlikely places: Rolls Royce, known for making luxury cars seems an unlikely partner for Sierra Nevada Corporation, a company that specializes in aircraft and space technologies. Yet Sierra Nevada recognized that Rolls Royce’s is strong with propulsion systems and would help the project. Just like Rolls Royce and Sierra Nevada Corporation, we can all find complimentary partners in unlikely places.

Consider what can go wrong and prepare for it: Ruminating on potential catastrophes is unproductive and anxiety producing, but a healthy degree of preparation for what can go wrong is useful. If things go right then the plan provides us peace of mind. If things go wrong then we are better equipped for the situation.

Things take time: The new doomsday planes are expected to be completed in 12 years. Whether building a doomsday plane or training to hit a PR in your next race, things take time. Don’t get discouraged.

Thanks Rolls Royce! Let’s have a great week!

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