Motivation from July 4

Motivation from July 4

On Thursday, Americans will gather around barbecues, jump in swimming pools, and watch fireworks to honor the United States of America. The 2024 edition of July 4th looks much different than it did in 1776 when 56 individuals signed a document that declared their independence from the British.

While enjoying the holiday, here are several ways to use July 4th as inspiration.

Be ambitious: The Founding Fathers decided to create a new nation. They started an entirely new country. Less than 250 years after the initial Declaration of Independence, the USA has become the youngest superpower in world history while playing an instrumental part in multiple world wars. Without ambition, none of that would have happened. Just like the Founding Fathers, we could all benefit from being ambitious.

Don’t worry about age: The Declaration of Independence’s 56 signers included 18 year old James Monroe and 70 year old Ben Franklin. Let the Founding Fathers serve as an example that people of all ages can accomplish great things, especially when they come together as a team. Just like the Founding Fathers, we could all benefit from not worrying about our age.

Think for yourself: Instead of going along with how things had always been done, the Founding Fathers thought for themselves. They believed the British government no longer optimized the safety and happiness of their people, so they constructed a new government to better serve the people they represented. Just like the Founding Fathers, we could all benefit from thinking for ourselves.

Thank you to everyone who signed of the Declaration of Independence. Have a great 4th of July!

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